Les Arts Florissants
William Christie – Conductor
Xavier de Maistre – Harp

The Triumph of the Harp!
When the young Archduchess of Austria, Marie-Antointette, arrived at the French court in 1770, amongst her luggage was a harp. Contrary to the instrument’s heralded decline, the harp was about to enjoy an unprecedented popularity and to inspire a rich and prolific repertoire, quite distinct from the concertos being composed for the keyboard. Xavier de Maistre and Les Arts Florissants are offering to take us on a voyage of discovery through this magnificent corpus, brought to life using instruments of the period in a program that is as accomplished as it is captivating, placing other names, other masterpieces in the limelight alongside the likes of Haydn (“La Reine” Symphony) and Gluck!

MOLDAU: The romantic Solo Album


“Moldau: The Romantic Solo Album” contains some of the most beautiful and well-known pieces from Russia and Bohemia. The composers use their Russian roots to create their own musical language containing elements of emotionally charged joy and the unmistakable feeling of melancholy, which conjures up entire landscapes of musical sounds. With this repertory Xavier de Maistre shows the rich palette of sounds which a harp can accomplish and which is arguably his most distinctive feature.


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Recorded in the composer’s hometown this album is Xavier de Maistre‘s personal homage to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Besides the popular double concerto for flute and harp, de Maistre recorded Mozart’s piano concerto in F major for the first time on the harp as well as the famous C major Sonata – also originally composed for the piano. He is accompanied by the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg, one of the most renowned Mozart orchestras, conducted by Ivor Bolton.


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“Notte veneziana is without doubt my most original album project so far. A selection of wonderful Baroque concerti by Venetian composers, like Marcello, Albinoni and Vivaldi – arranged for my instrument. In his famous “Winter” from the Four Seasons, the glass-like sounds of the harp create an ethereal mood astonishingly reproducing snowflakes and splintering icicles. So all these fantastic pieces which everyone knows suddenly seem fresh and new, and can be rediscovered thanks to the very special sound of the harp.”

Xavier de Maistre


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Spanish Dance No. 1 (from “La Vida Breve”)

Concierto de Aranjuez [ I. Allegro con spirito; II. Adagio; III. Allegro gentile ]

Recuerdos de la Alhambra – Valses Poéticos H. 147, DLR 7:8

Preludio: Vivace

No. 1: Melódico

No. 2: Tiempo de Vals noble: Poco più moderato

No. 3: Tiempo de Vals lento

No. 4: Allegro humóristico

No. 5: Allegretto (Elegante)

No. 6: Quasi ad libitum (Sentimental)

No. 7: Vivo

No. 8: Presto – Andante – Tiempo de Vals (Vals No. 1 da capo): Melódico

Harp Concerto, Op.25 [ I. Allegro giusto; II. Molto moderato; III. Kadenz – Liberamente capriccioso; IV. Vivace ]



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Konzert in G-Dur, Hob. XVIII:4

1.  I. Allegro Moderato

2. II. Adagio Cantabile

3. III. Rondo Presto

Konzert in D-Dur, Hob. XVIII:11

4. I. Vivace

5. II. Poco Adagio

6. III. Rondo all’Ungarese

7. Variationen in C-Dur, Hob. XVII:5

8. Adagio in F-Dur, Hob. XVII:9

9. Fantaisie sur un Thème de Haydn, Op. 31


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Concerto in D, RV 93 [ I. Allegro; II. Largo; III. Allegro ]

Concerto in D Minor [ I. Andante e spiccato; II. Andante; III. Presto ]

La Mandoline – Allegro

Concerto in G, Op. 3 No. 3, RV 310 [ I. Allegro assai; II. Largo, cantabile; III. Allegro ]

Adagio in G Minor

Sonata in C Minor [ I. Allegro vigoroso; II. Andante espressivo; III. Presto ]

Concerto in G, Op. 7 No. 2, RV 299 [ I. Allegro; II. Largo; III. Allegro ]

Concerto in F Minor, Op. 8 No. 4, RV 297 [ I. Allegro non molto; II. Largo; III. Allegro ]

Carnaval de Venise – Maestoso, Grazioso e moderato